even if you hate the kardashians you still want to be a kardashian


"Birds don’t have eyebrows"


I hummed the “Dies Irae” as you played the Hallelujah
Leave me to myself, don’t leave me in myself


Do NOT shame people for choosing not to go to school.

Do NOT insult people for dropping out.

Do NOT teach your children that dropping out means you are a failure. 

You never know what’s going on in that person’s life.



truly an icon of our time

automnale asked Les Amis as preteens/teenagers?


Enjolras was one of those annoyingly opinionated teenagers who think all adults are oppressive phonies who have never put a moment of thought into their own beliefs. 

Combeferre was a huge Ancient Egypt nerd long after he was too old for that to be cool.  It wasn’t until he was about fifteen that it registered with him that there are other subjects out there that are just as complex and interesting as Ancient Egypt.  And then it was like a little one-guy Rennaissance.

Courfeyrac was a theater geek.  He didn’t have a fantastic voice, but he was a great actor because he was so unselfconscious, so he got a lot of roles and did really well in them.  His favorite part was the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, because it was such a fun and physically expressive role.

Feuilly was a really angry teenager. He had to handle a lot of really hard stuff that a kid his age shouldn’t have to deal with, and he had very little control over anything in his life, which made things worse.  Of course, he wasn’t self-aware enough to realize this was going on, he was just angry. (Things got a lot better for him later on, and most of his anger went away, leaving the cheerful, generous person he really was all along.)

Bahorel was a marching band kid (flute; he used to play piccolo, but his fingers got too big).  He was also that kid who got sent home from school for wearing a short skirt to protest the ridiculous dress code rules.  And he was also the mastermind behind the most mind-blowing but harmless senior prank the district had seen in twenty years.

Jehan wrote lots of really angsty poetry. A lot of it was in Elvish.

Joly went to an international school with diplomats’ children from all over the world.  The big fad when he was a preteen was robotics, and he and his friends convinced their parents to let them go to an international robotics competition in another country.  (Their robot was pulverized in the second round, but they still had a great time.)

Bossuet's family moved around a lot for his father's work; because constantly changing schools was hard on him and his siblings, their parents decided to homeschool them.  But with five brothers and sisters, Bossuet was rarely lonely.

Grantaire was a cheerful, intelligent kid with a pretty average suburban life.  He had his ups and downs, but he was in general pretty hopeful about his future and optimistic and the world as a whole.  He believed people are naturally good.

2011 me: Why aren’t you using punctuation? Are you uneducated? You type like a crude toddler.
2013 me: dude shu t the fuck up i dont care


Just thinkin’ bout cat stuff.

I go to a women’s college. We have a walkway where bricks can be purchased by alumnae. Most just say names or class years/mascots. But this one. This one is special. It speaks to me.


i never knew ankles could be cute but then louis came along

dimpleddickhead asked In your opinion, what patronus would each of the guys produce?


WHAT A GREAT QUESTION. ready for a 1d!dumbledore’s army AU?

Niall would be the first to succeed in producing a patronus, because Niall is the happiest person in the band and probably the world. Heck, screw the patronus - Niall could probably smile at the dementors and they’d immediately disperse, wondering aloud what that beam of sunlight was. His patronus would be something that reflects this inherent, inalienable brightness, as well as his obvious strength and loyalty - maybe a golden retriever or labrador.

Zayn would probably be the next to produce a patronus, because he’s so self-possessed and quietly confident that he’d probably manage to not psyche out too much about it. (Plus, being Zayn, he’ll definitely be the only person to have already put lots of thought into what his patronus would look like.) It’s probably a cliched answer but I think Zayn would be a tiger - quietly deadly and lithe and powerful. Also because I think Zayn would really enjoy the idea of his patronus being a tiger.

Harry’s patronus would be something thoroughly whimsical and magnificent. My current thought is pegasus or unicorn, but if we’re not allowed fantasy creatures, then I think at least a narwhal or something. For me, a really defining characteristic of Harry is his thoughtfulness and fascination with life, and I always think about how he’s obviously someone who cares a lot about what others think of him (or at least at some stage did) but he also seems to draw so much strength from just, like, being exactly the person he is. So that’s why I think he’d feel protected by a creature that’s just like a bit quirky but overall “i am MAGNIFICENT, yo” hence pegasus/narwhal for him.

I imagine that it takes a few tries for Louis to get his patronus, because despite his confidence, the idea of needing to be protected - even by something like a patronus, which is in essence a part of himself - actually takes some getting used to. His patronus is a stag to begin with, but he’d have this embarrassing tendency where it would change whenever he fell in love, which is why - depending on your ship, of course - he spends weeks and weeks concealing the fact that his stag has morphed into a bloody narwhal (or tiger, labrador, wolf, etc.) before finally blithely conceding that if he’s going to be protected by something it might as well be this very warm and magical boy beside him.

Liam’s patronus is a wolf. He’s had it since he was really young, and he never really understood it to begin with, see, because he’s always thought wolves were graceful and powerful and really cool, and he grew up thinking he’s none of those things. He treats his patronus with the carefulness of someone who gets a job they’re underqualified for or finds fifty bucks on the ground - like he’s undeserving, like he’s expecting someone to come along and take it away at any moment. It’s his friends who make him see that he’s loyal and fierce and strong, just like a wolf. It takes them (and a good deal of laughing at the matching narwhals situation) to make him realise everyone ends up with the patronus they’re supposed to have - and in his case, the patronus he was going to grow up to be. Also, Zayn mentions once that wolves run in packs, and since then, sometimes Liam produces a patronus for no reason at all just to stare at it, just remind himself of his four best friends and the fact he’ll never have to be alone again.

Louis in your right ear and Harry in your left ear.

Headphones on for the full effect.




religion: nicki minaj destroying and being disgusted at phallic symbols



louis witnessing ziam moments is the funniest thing